Here at BOUDOIR STUDIO DENVER, we’re firm believers that every photographer deserves a space to work, to create, to inspire, and to empower. You have everything you need at BOUDOIR STUDIO DENVER.

Everything You Need To Style Your Shoots

With tons of furniture pieces that you can use to style your shoot, you can have fun creating the perfect theme for your clients. There's plenty of different furniture pieces to choose from, ranging from a white leather tufted sofa, a dresser, decorative chair, black wall and even a claw foot tub! And what boudoir shoot would be complete without a bed?! The queen-size vintage, black metal bed is mixed with an assortment of white and grey, with fur textiles and throws.

A Comfortable Environment That Feels Like Home

Boudoir photography is all about making your clients feel comfortable and peaceful – and when they’re in a comfortable environment that feels like home, you can virtually guarantee a wonderful experience. At BOUDOIR STUDIO DENVER, you'll have access to a shared bathroom and kitchenette if needed, and the dressing room has its own beverage cooler for breaks. The dressing room even features an assortment of wardrobe items for your clients to borrow during their photoshoot – almost as if they were digging through their own closet. And don’t forget about our in-person sales space, hair and makeup space, and office space to rock your own editing work if you'd like!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid, the office and client wardrobe is not available.

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